YouTube #1

Here are a few random YouTube delights I think you’ll all enjoy.
First, we all know inhaling helium makes your voice higher…

Also, check out this good old Aha music video:

Now look how much better it is when you take it literally.

Embrace Your Childhood

I just read a heart warming blog post on why it is ok to continue enjoying JumpStart 2nd Grade. Seen through the glass that is Pokemon, one man proves why-just because I can decapitate a monster using a chainsaw in Gears of War-I can still gracefully and proudly lose to the red shell in MarioKart64.

(Sidenote: did anyone else just notice the Soviet undertones in MarioKart?)

Back from the Dead! (Part 2)

Another long hiatus, another long post depression. It looks like the World Economies got wind of my decrease in posting and suddenly we are spiraling toward a worldwide depression! 
Meanwhile, one of my favorite processor companies gets into hot water and splits into two

And now I learn that even my laptop will inevitably fall victim to a faulty GPU, exploding into flames and taking out my desk along with it! Oh how will I play Crysis Warhead now!?! Good thing the repair should be free.

Now guess what, due to a recently discovered vulernability in adobe flash, all browsers are capable of being “clickjacked” by nefarious persons. What does this mean? Click on the wrong link, and your microphone and webcam were just secretly activated by some creepy dudes in Eastern Europe. A fix is in the works, but until then, get used to the idea of being watched.