Knights of the Old Republic 3 will be an MMO

For anyone who has been looking forward to another great Bioware RPG set in the StarWars Universe, here is your press release, and then some. Not only will the next KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) game be developed by Bioware, but it will be in MMO form (Massive Multiplayer Online, think World of Warcraft).

The first Knights of the Old Republic was released to critical acclaim.

The first KOTOR was hailed by most critics as 2003’s RPG of the Year. It had a very fulfilling storyline and interesting gameplay. The sequel, while also fairly good, was not developed by Bioware (rather, Obsidian), and lacked the same original oomph of the first game.

I’m excited, but also a little worried. Bioware is known for exemplary single player RPGs, not MMOs. Building a Massive Multiplayer Game is a serious undertaking, and often a futile one in a world dominated by the mighty WoW. I don’t know how this KOTOR3 will continue it’s graceful storytelling and epic feel when there are 5000 protagonists on a single server. Lucas Arts will be partering with Bioware to develop the game, so what is going to happen to the older and not-nearly-as-successful-as-WoW StarWars Galaxies? For now, I’m waiting with cautious optimisim. Blizzard managed to create a successful MMO with no prior experience, and I consider Bioware to be of equivalent talent.