Late post tonight, even later for those of you East of Las Vegas. I’ve got three very random thoughts for today.
1. I just finished watching the third episode of “John Adams” on HBO, and I’m feeling very patriotic. The sacrifices people had to make to secure this country’s liberty is inspiring, and I actually feel that if everyone who lives in this country better understood that and took it to heart it would be an even better place.

2. Been checking out tech stocks lately, I never thought I’d be rooting for downturns in the market before…

3. Why can’t making money be as simple as it is in a game? Why can’t I go out and buy a spaceship and mine asteroids or fight mythical monsters for valuable loot? What is there to gather even, no Vespane or Veldspar or Gold or Oil. Sunlight? Yea, I’ll start gathering that.

I’ll leave you with an approximation of what is in my mind, done by a professional, of course.


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  1. Re: John Adams. My mom digs it too.
    Re: Patriotism. Thumbs up dude. All I ever hear/read these days is, “America sucks.” Yeah, we’re not perfect, but we’re sure as hell lucky (and spoiled). People gave their lives to have what we have and there are people in the world today who risk everything just for the opportunity to live here.

    Re: Money. Working on it 😉 In the meantime, go collect some sun with your brother. Even vampire zombies like yourselves could use a little tan once in a while.

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