Technological Leftovers

Finally! I went to BestBuy today, and I didn’t see a SINGLE FX series Nvidia graphics card. Why is that significant, you ask? BestBuy, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, and Staples have been selling FX series Nvidia cards for several years, even though the FX series is almost SIX YEARS OLD! SIX. YEARS. OLD.
Do they even understand that the slot those cards fit into (AGP) has been discontinued for over a year? Do they understand that even considering that fact, there are the far superior 6 AND 7 series cards capable of fitting in these old slots? I am glad they finally stopped stocking them, but they should stop stocking the 6 series as well. Those are almost 4 years old, and yet they charge almost 100 dollars for them–for the lowest end model–which you can’t even buy online because they are so old. Holy Hell, Nvidia is currently selling their 9000 series cards, and are just about to release their NEXT generation in less than a month!

The worst part is that the average consumer has NO idea that the ANCIENT hardware they are being sold at OfficeMax is ANCIENT and extremely overpriced! All the boxes are marked with ‘timeless slogans’ like ‘Next Generation” or “SUPER POWERED PERFORMANCE” so how are they supposed to know that it is so old it can only run one YouTube video?


State of the Art Hardware. On Sale at Office Max for only $2000!

If BestBuy were still charging 100 bucks for a cassette tape walkman, would people be outraged? The only reason these stores can pull this crap is because people are uninformed and they know they’ll probably never be informed unless they are nerds like me. Bastards!

*sigh* Ok, so BestBuy down, Staples, OfficeMax, and OfficeDepot to go.

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  1. That is quite frustrating, especially to me – a complete idiot when it comes to computers (i should have some kind of portable device that can give me teck advice, like a PocketErik (you can thank me later fot that stroke of marketing genius)) As far as im concerned, we should wage an allout war on these other stores. I sugest walking down their aisles with a shopping cart full of high powered magnets – STICK IT TO THE MAN! (as long as he’s magnetic)

  2. PocketErik (TM), Very nice.
    That shopping cart idea sounds like a full on weapons platform, we should sell them to the military!

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