No Ice in the North Pole

North PoleAccording to scientists, the North Pole could be devoid of ice this year for the first time in human history.

Pros: Ship passage through the fabled Northern Passage (the top of the world) that could accelerate trans-Atlantic shipping. Canadian/Icelandic beachfront property.

Cons: Affirmation of Global Warming? Destruction of Santa Claus.

Ironically, there are abundant oil reserves under the North Pole, which would be accessible after a meltdown.

More information on the subject available here.

3 Replies to “No Ice in the North Pole”

  1. There ya go – the best way to solve the energy crisis is to ad to the environmental one! all that oil!!! woohoo – this is probably the saddest/funniest story i’ve ever heard – but definitly the most ironic. the worst part is….the polar bears will have no home! where will those noble warriors of the icy realm roam after their kingdom is so savagly destroyed by our wanton lust for energy!

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