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Hey there yall. Been quite the vacation from posting on the good old blog here, so I thought I’d return to you in a very meta-fashion.

The ATI 4870X2 ($550) kicks the butt of every other “single” GPU available. Each card is outfitted with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM. It is actually possible to combine two of these cards in Crossfire X for a total of 4GPUs and 4GB of GDDR5 RAM. 64-bit Vista is an absolute requirement in this case, otherwise you’ll be running your monster gaming system with virtually no usable system ram. Woo for playing Crysis on a 30 inch computer monitor at 2560×1600 resolution! (link) Great, but I can’t wait until Fusion, a processor in which AMD will be slapping at least 2 CPU cores and a next-generation (5000 series) GPU core. Can anyone say, “the death of integrated graphics?”

Intel has finally released the USB3.0 specification. We are talking a 10x increase in transfer speed over USB2.0. Cool…I guess. But with eSATA already punching up transfer speeds as high as internal SATA, who needs the extra speed for anything besides a USB key? It’s not going to make my mouse any faster, that’s for sure. (link)

I just saw Tropic Thunder in theaters and was pleasantly surprised! Ben Stiller grabbed Jack Black and Robert Downy Jr. as well as the curiously unmentioned Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey and made an actually worthwhile comedy! Now I can forget about The Heartbreak Kid! *gag*

A new company has E. Coli crapping out Diesel. (link) It works like Cellulosic Ethanol (organic matter –> product). By producing Diesel instead of Ethanol, existing infrastructure is already capable of transporting and selling it. Ethanol requires a slightly modified engine and more expensive oil pipelines because it is more corrosive than normal gasoline. The start-up company responsible says with a few genetic modifications the E. Coli can also produce normal gasoline and even jet fuel! Very cool, but until this process is scaled up thousands and thousands of times, it isn’t much more than a proof of concept. The E. Coli used is allegedly harmless though, can anyone say home-made diesel?

I can’t remember if I already posted this, but check out my favorite site on CFLs and LEDs, seriously, click the link. When you get bored of the cave, pull on the lever. With recent LED breakthroughs, hopefully we can just forget about the CFLs and transition completely to LEDs. Of course, it’ll take at least 2 years (it always does).

Space Siege was just released, on Steam even! Too bad early reviews (including a review by my favorite video game editor, Jeff Green) call it absolutely average. I’ll still be picking up the game (probably on Steam), but I’ll wait for the 20 dollar price drop in a few months.

And finally, wonder where I was? (click for full resolution image)

Canada Coast

2 Replies to “Welcome Back!”

  1. That was WAY to big of a post… almost scary…
    1. Graphics card sounds intense, but I am still quiet happy with my 4870 thank you very much 🙂
    2. USB 3.0… haven’t been really paying attention to this… so meh
    3. Gonna see it this weekend, can’t wait!
    4. I remember back in AP Bio, we made E. Coli glow in the dark… this is ALMOST as cool
    5. I think you posted it on facebook, but none the less, very cool
    6. To bad about your game, I probably wasn’t going to pick it up considering I’m still waiting for Left 4 Dead (GOGO Nov)!

    So where did you go?? Eh, I’ll probably just ask you in person. We need to hang out ATLEAST 1 more time before break is over (I leave in 9 days and counting)!

  2. All this stuff sounds great! don’t know much about the computer stuff, but i love the idea about E. Coli crapping out fuel – i read about that a while back while searching for stuff for bio class – glad to hear at least someone else has been keeping recent with that stuff – i think that will be the next big thing in fue economy (solar energy still corners the market in GREEN fuel though). I already can’t wait to see tropic thunder but now with your endorsement i’m extra pumped (baesed on the millions of movies we saw in boston, i’m convinced you have decent taste). and finally, What a Geat Shot! where in Canada did you guys take this?

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