Planetside 2: Brainstorming: Sunderer Command Module

I’m still spending a bunch of time in Planetside 2, and I’ve recently started running some fairly organized squads and platoons around the Auraxian battlefield. At the same time, I also really enjoy teaching new players about the coordinated team-play possibilities in game, because when I first started playing, it was solo-zerg-boring-death-fest-2012. 

But there’s certainly a downside to commanding (up to) 48 players in a cohesive and effective manner. Most of the time, I’m sitting in my deployed Sunderer at a platoon waypoint, staring at the Map window and calling out objectives over voice chat. The few times I venture out of my vehicle are to scout the area or run down a Light Assault trying to blow the Sunderer. 

So I had an idea: What if the Sunderer had a “Command Module” that fit into the Utility slot? Obviously, you’d lose AMS capabilities, but consider the possibilities! Here are my basic thoughts on how it might work, feel free to add to the discussion!

If a squad or platoon leader was inside a Sunderer equipped with a Command Module, it would bestow additional capabilities on the commander. For instance, it might unlock an enhanced map view, with the ability to display terrain and units in higher fidelity than currently. If the owner deploys the Sunderer, it might unlock the (so far, unimplemented) orbital strike option, available for use in a defined radius around the Sunderer. I think adding too much more might make the module overpowered, but what do you guys think? 

Why not have one of these outfitted with a Command Module?
Why not have one of these outfitted with a Command Module?

Planetside 2

Hi Guys!

I’m really enjoying the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time, Planetside 2! I’ve already recorded a couple videos in FRAPS, as well as a long set of screenshots sitting on my Steam screenshots page. Feel free to take a look, the game is gorgeous.

Seriously. It's beautiful.
Seriously. It’s beautiful.