Firefox 3

Incoming Firefox 3! Everyone go download it! Make sure to refresh the page, in case it is still displaying the old version. In other words, press F5 once you get there. This will be the first Guiness World Record for most downloads in one day, be a part of it!

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Week of 6/15/08

We’ve got three events upcoming!
On the 17th:

Firefox 3 will be released. Everyone go out and get it on launch day, we are trying to set a world record for most downloads in a single day.


The Spore Creature Creator will be released, more on this Tuesday.


On the 18th:

Nvidia releases their next line of GPUs! It seems only a few months back the 9000 series hit the shelves, now the GTX 200 line is already at our doorstep. AMD will be releasing their 4000 series early next week in retaliation.


Music for the Masses!

I couldn’t just let the music sit in the XP music video!
For anyone who wants a copy *cough* Charlie *cough* you can download it here. Of course, being who I am I have to offer several different versions! Because these are music files, you’ll need to right click and press “Save As” or “Save Link As” to get them to download to your computer. Otherwise it’ll just play in the browser.

This one is the original: ORIGINAL

Here is the extended version: EXTENDED

Here is the extended version modified to work better with iTunes*: EXTENDED FOR ITUNES

*(sometimes iTunes will cut off the other extended version because it thinks the song is over before it really is, this version should continue all of the way no matter what at the expense of a small bit of audio quality)

Music to XP’s Ears!

I’ve discovered a musical genius on the internet! Here is someone who decided to make a symphony using ONLY sound effects from Windows 98 and Windows XP. Rock on, Geek Brother/Sister.

Technological Leftovers

Finally! I went to BestBuy today, and I didn’t see a SINGLE FX series Nvidia graphics card. Why is that significant, you ask? BestBuy, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, and Staples have been selling FX series Nvidia cards for several years, even though the FX series is almost SIX YEARS OLD! SIX. YEARS. OLD.
Do they even understand that the slot those cards fit into (AGP) has been discontinued for over a year? Do they understand that even considering that fact, there are the far superior 6 AND 7 series cards capable of fitting in these old slots? I am glad they finally stopped stocking them, but they should stop stocking the 6 series as well. Those are almost 4 years old, and yet they charge almost 100 dollars for them–for the lowest end model–which you can’t even buy online because they are so old. Holy Hell, Nvidia is currently selling their 9000 series cards, and are just about to release their NEXT generation in less than a month!

The worst part is that the average consumer has NO idea that the ANCIENT hardware they are being sold at OfficeMax is ANCIENT and extremely overpriced! All the boxes are marked with ‘timeless slogans’ like ‘Next Generation” or “SUPER POWERED PERFORMANCE” so how are they supposed to know that it is so old it can only run one YouTube video?


State of the Art Hardware. On Sale at Office Max for only $2000!

If BestBuy were still charging 100 bucks for a cassette tape walkman, would people be outraged? The only reason these stores can pull this crap is because people are uninformed and they know they’ll probably never be informed unless they are nerds like me. Bastards!

*sigh* Ok, so BestBuy down, Staples, OfficeMax, and OfficeDepot to go.


Late post tonight, even later for those of you East of Las Vegas. I’ve got three very random thoughts for today.
1. I just finished watching the third episode of “John Adams” on HBO, and I’m feeling very patriotic. The sacrifices people had to make to secure this country’s liberty is inspiring, and I actually feel that if everyone who lives in this country better understood that and took it to heart it would be an even better place.

2. Been checking out tech stocks lately, I never thought I’d be rooting for downturns in the market before…

3. Why can’t making money be as simple as it is in a game? Why can’t I go out and buy a spaceship and mine asteroids or fight mythical monsters for valuable loot? What is there to gather even, no Vespane or Veldspar or Gold or Oil. Sunlight? Yea, I’ll start gathering that.

I’ll leave you with an approximation of what is in my mind, done by a professional, of course.


Confused Ranting

What the heck did I just write? Something about CPUs? WHAT?! How was that at all useful?!

Ugh, I feel sick. So, to wash away the taste of pointless CPU commentary, here are some other things that make me sick *topic header here*.

1. Those “HOLY CRAP WHAT A FUNNY SITUATION” TV shows. I don’t want to see some dude bash his head in after falling 40 feet from his roof. Why is that funny?

2. When I accidentally press the back or close button after typing a really long post or email, just before sending it.

3. When I realize I just forgot to do something really important and time sensitive a few minutes past deadline. (ex. I was a week late on the Google IPO)

4. When something doesn’t work right, and I just know it is going to take the entire weekend getting it to work properly. (ex. Wireless networks)

5. When I see people mess up on stage or on television.

6. I’m making my self sick now.

7. COMMENT ON WHAT MAKES YOU SICK! Because I REALLY have nothing good to talk about today.

And with that, I present you sad bunny.

sad bunny

House M.D.!

If anyone wants a fantastic introduction to House M.D. and good drama in general I recommend watching episode 415 “House’s Head” and 416 “Wilson’s Heart”. We’ve got good TV on our hands!!! Seriously. Better than zombies even.

Cereal production? OR WEAPON SMUGGLING!?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes (no, they aren’t paying me), but I’ve come to the conclusion that cereal companies are actually illegal weapon smugglers in disguise. Today, while enjoying my frosty confections, I discovered a spoon that emitted a bright red light. After pointing the red light at my fellow flake consumer, I noticed it could cause severe annoyance and yelling.
Did Kellogg think through what might happen should such a valuable and dangerous piece of technology fall into the wrong hands? NO. NO THEY PROBABLY DIDN’T!

God save us all.


Tony the Tiger

Family Friendly Feline or Baby Eating Monster?