Confused Ranting

What the heck did I just write? Something about CPUs? WHAT?! How was that at all useful?!

Ugh, I feel sick. So, to wash away the taste of pointless CPU commentary, here are some other things that make me sick *topic header here*.

1. Those “HOLY CRAP WHAT A FUNNY SITUATION” TV shows. I don’t want to see some dude bash his head in after falling 40 feet from his roof. Why is that funny?

2. When I accidentally press the back or close button after typing a really long post or email, just before sending it.

3. When I realize I just forgot to do something really important and time sensitive a few minutes past deadline. (ex. I was a week late on the Google IPO)

4. When something doesn’t work right, and I just know it is going to take the entire weekend getting it to work properly. (ex. Wireless networks)

5. When I see people mess up on stage or on television.

6. I’m making my self sick now.

7. COMMENT ON WHAT MAKES YOU SICK! Because I REALLY have nothing good to talk about today.

And with that, I present you sad bunny.

sad bunny

One Reply to “Confused Ranting”

  1. Six things that make Alexa sick:
    1. Intense Jamba Juice cravings when there’s no Jamba Juice nearby
    2. Tivo Despair (When Tivo decides to go epic fail on you and doesn’t record the program you really really really want to watch)
    3. Bowling shoes. Maybe even bowling in general thanks to Daniel Day Lewis in, “There Will Be Blood”
    4. People who still use IE6
    5. 2 Girls 1 Cup
    6. Not having access to this blog

    I went 2 days without this puppy and it was deprivation station. I was a sad, sad, little bunny. =(

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