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I’ve been embedding from GameSpot for most of my game videos, but I like how easy it is to give people access to GameTrailers high definition videos, so I’ll use those today. If you want to watch a video in high definition, it should be shown as an option before the movie plays.
So, E3! Lots of interesting games coming out, though most of them have already been announced. There will be another Final Fantasy. Big surprise there! There were updates abound for many games, though I wonder what is going on with Alan Wake, I haven’t seen any new information since 2006.

Otherwise, get your butts off the couch and in front of your monitors, it’s time for an hour of game trailers!

Tom Clancy’s End War, here is a trailer from last year’s Ubisoft Days. This is the first RTS that will incorporate a full voice command system. If it works out well, the voice command system could add lots of fun to the gameplay, especially considering this game will come out on consoles, where controllers generally fail in the RTS genre.

Fallout 3, finally we can return to the romantic Fallout Universe! This has been a long time in waiting, and luckily it has been picked up by Bethesda (Morrowind, Oblivion), so we can be fairly sure this game will rock.

Fable 2, I really loved the first one, as well as every other game Peter Molyneux has ever worked on. Notice the canine companion theme in this game as well. Both Fable 2 and Fallout 3 have a serious focus on working with animals.

Dead Space, a good old fashioned “Deep Space” survival story. Don’t watch this trailer if you are easily creeped out.

Mirror’s Edge, a new acrobatic take on the FPS genre. Throw in a little bit of excessive government oversight, and you’ve got soemthing that reminds me of Ghost in the Shell.

Now go get some sunlight, there will be many sequestered months ahead.

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  1. I thought the Fallout 3 trailer was really creative. It was cool.
    I remember talking to you about a game that I enjoyed, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. Now I know – it was Fable, and the second one looks good.

    Dead Space’s trailer did creep me out a little… it was pretty morose, and a bit sad. The weapons look bad ass though!

    Hmm… new computer…

  2. I’m still furious that resident evil 5 isn’t coming out for the Nintendo Wii… wtf is up with that!
    The game still looks bad ass though

    Games I’m interested from E3:
    Left 4 Dead
    Resident Evil 5
    Others I can’t think of…
    Rock band2/Guitar hero world tour

  3. Hey erik first off 2 points:1. Sorry for not keeping recent with your blog – i’ve been quite preoccupied lately
    2. GREAT NEW LOOK! nice new website looks great and organizded well – very cool

    ok, now for the actual COMMENT (this is the comments section right?)so these games all look great (with the exeption perhaps of Mirrors edge – cant really tell either way from the trailer) but as for the rest…The new Tom Clancey Game looks AMAZING – you know how i love those RTS games (AOE, AOM) but so far i havent been able to get into any modern combat ones – i thibk that will change with the release of this game.I’m almost wetting myself with excitement over the new Fable – i loved the first one (ive got about 5 or 6 different character files) and i cant wait to get my hands on more fantastic fairy tail goodies from the next installment! Having never played the first 2 fallouts, i’m not sure what to expect from the third one, but the trailer was creative and funny – Good stuff! and finally….Dead space made me pee my pants – seriously, what happened to those people on that ship? i have to know!!!!!! it looks like a very compelling storyline and i’d play it just to answer the questions raised in the trailer….all in all, it looks like you’ve given us a great taste of next year’s generation of vidio games and i can’t wait to pop those games in and wrap my hands around the controller for at least 5 solid hours – so, i’m sold – nicely done!

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