Icon Mk2!

Ok, after several minutes of painstaking paint surgery, I’ve recreated (and hopefully improved) the StormEffect icon and saved it properly this time. BEHOLD!


StormEffect Mk 2

No More Kings

I first heard this band as part of an eMusic promotion, and I’m glad I did!

You can find their website here.

Their whole album is fantastic, including Michael (Jump In) and Sweep the Leg.

You’ll also find they wrote a song about living life as a zombie (Zombie Me), and that makes them an instant mega-platinum-hall-of-StormEffect-fame winner.

You can hear (and buy) their album over at Amazon or iTunes.


New Icon!

I’ve been using the same forum icon for several years, the very dry Brian from Family Guy. I’m no longer sarcastic or clever enough to keep him as an icon, so I drew a new one! Shame I saved it as a JPEG, because now it looks like crap! Bah, I still love it.

EDIT: 2016 – Image was lost to time! Have been unable to track down the original link/copy.

StormEffect Mk1

Parminder Nagra.

I’ve been a fan of ER for awhile now…
Right, so for those of you still reading!

The girls of ER are quite classy, and my favorite is the character Neela Rasgotra played by Parminder Nagra. Some of you not familiar with Nagra might remember a very young version of her in Bend It Like Beckham. Anyway, here is a little clip of her on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Cute, no?


Ok, this is it. One of my favorite publications has broken the last straw. ADDICTING IS NOT A WORD! Where the hell did it even come from? I hear it on network news, I read it in newspapers, I read it on tech editorials. IT IS NOT A *self censored* WORD! I blame MS Word. Anything it doesn’t draw a crooked red line under is automatically real.


Your move.