Space Siege

If you liked Knights of the Old Republic, Dungeon Siege, Battlestar Galactica,  or System Shock then I’ve got a game for you! Gas Powered Games (Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander) is working on a very interesting science fiction RPG coming out later this year called Space Siege.
Back story: Humanity is running from a formidable alien threat on a massive colony ship which has come under attack by said aliens. *gasp* The entire game allegedly takes place on this ship. The key feature of this RPG is how you decide to defeat your opponents. Your character is a talented mechanic who can augment his own body using looted technology OR he can use said technology to upgrade his loving robot companion instead. There are several game endings possible, based on how much humanity you have left over at the end of the game.

I’ve got two videos for you, the first is a classy trailer and the second is mostly gameplay.

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  1. wow pretty! looks like it has the potential for fun, but if i were bungie, i’d totally sue for rights to the energy sword – ITS THE SAME DAMN THING AS THE ONE IN HALO!!!!!! that dude totally wants to be Master Chief – mankind’s last hope against an alien threat: a cybernetically augmented supersoldier – Sound familiar? In addition, holographic female companion – also nothing new to sci fi games (see cortana & aura from eve). Total ripoffs aside though, this does look like it could be a promising new game. the gameplay, if not the content, looks pretty origional and innovative and i’d definitly check it out.

  2. I don’t know… the gameplay looks like standard Sega fare: alot of button mashing and the infamous area-attack spamming. At least that’s what the second trailer seemed to be. When I heard System Shock I cried in delight–when I saw Sega I wept.

  3. I have high hopes for this game. I actually enjoy a bit of linear gameplay in my RPGs (which is some kind of blasphemy in that genre), and Dungeon Siege + SystemShock 1 + SystemShock 2 really hit that spot. This is closer to Dungeon Siege.
    I wouldn’t worry about Sega publishing, Gas Powered Games will do it right. And if not, at least they made some decent trailers.

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