Diablo 3 “Announced!”

Quoted from MaximumPC.com, Jeff, eat your heart out:
diablo 3

“Here we go! The community site Diabloii.net is reporting that Blizzard will be announcing the third game in its epic Diablo series at this week’s Worldwide Invitational in Paris.  That’s right.  Diablo III is on its way!

“With this week’s speculation over the Blizzard teasers, more and more reports in the media, and numerous tips coming direct us at IncGamers from reliable inside industry sources in the past 24 hours, we now have confirmation from inside sources to say that Diablo 3 WILL be announced on Saturday at WWI Paris 2008.”

Blizzard’s Vice President of Design, Rob Pardo, already teased that a new game announcement was on the way in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz this morning.  He’d know–the Blizzard frontman is delivering the keynote address at this year’s big gathering.

Of course, had you a dollar every time a news site swore that Diablo 3 was coming, you could have already hired the producers for Diablo IV and World of Diablo.  Blizzard’s ongoing series of teasing splash images has a few days left before the big reveal.  If this is just another Starcraft 2 race, expect to see a number of demon-killing enthusiast gamers eating hats–the taste certainly wouldn’t be new.”

4 Replies to “Diablo 3 “Announced!””

  1. Ha! My heart literally stopped for a second when I saw the title of your new entry.
    About damn time Blizzard comes out with a new Diablo game. Can’t wait!

  2. If they don’t. Then there will be nothing in my way from destroying you!!!
    jking… sorta… I might have to break an arm or something at the least

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