Confirmed: Diablo 3

Diablo 3 IconAlright, I’ve spent the last hour or so pouring over the new Diablo 3 trailers/gameplay/interviews and I admit I am impressed! For once, I won’t be embedding game videos into the blog, I’ll be providing links instead. The Diablo 3 gameplay and trailer really require that widescreen feel the current iteration of this blog cannot provide. That said, check out the annoucement trailer (make it full screen using the button to the right of the menu button in the GameSpot video player, can be done with the other videos too).

Here is a good 20 minute live gameplay video (introduces barbarian and witchdoctor classes).

And of course an interview with a Blizzard employee.

So what’s so great about Diablo 3? I was drawn in for 2 reasons. First, Blizzard actually added a color palette this round. After playing games like Warcraft and Starcraft, playing Diablo 2 felt like replacing life with black and white. D3 has so much more color than the previous games, in addition to a very tasteful art design that will allow this game to look great on anyone’s machine. Second, Blizzard added physics. Physics is not a hallmark feature in RPGs, but it has been implemented in such a way as to look good AND provide additional gameplay. When you are watching the trailer, pay attention to when objects in the world blow up into chucks of wood and stone and imagine if it all fell on the floor in a boring heap instead (like it did in D2).

Happy Saturday!

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  1. The gameplay video is the best video to watch (no doubt about it). I love how the creatures now can come up walls and how the environment has such a large impact on the gameplay. Before, you could only destroy boxes and barrels, but now it seems there is so much more to do (breaking in a door? so bad ass)!
    Blizzard has really out done themselves, making new games for each of their three games (WoW, Star Craft, and now D3)!

    Can’t wait for this to come out.

  2. My favorite part of the interview, was Rob Pardo’s last words: “Since we’re Blizzard, we’re going to go ahead and announce the release date of, ‘it’ll ship when it’s ready.'”

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