On Games and Women

Men and WomenUntil recently, gaming was primarily a male pastime. Females entering the realm of controllers, attribute modifiers, BFGs, and circle strafing have created a confused and disoriented male gamer. But fear not, one of my favorite gaming journalists has written an excellent paper detailing exactly how us devoted male gamers will make it out of this predicament alive. I recommend you all read it. For the sake of Cortanna, Kerrigan, Jade, Lara, and Jaina, read it. Read the article here.

3 Replies to “On Games and Women”

  1. That article made me laugh out loud. “I was embarked on a much more important mission: teaching her the value of playing games over facing life’s crucial tasks — like, say, learning to walk.”
    …”she would sit on my lap and watch as I trundled along on my endless EverQuest corpse runs.” Now there’s a true father right there. Why can’t all men raise their daughters like this? I know I would have had a much better childhood growing up battling orcs and scoring headshots. Too bad girls (apparently) grow out of what’s portrayed as a “dorky phase.” Boys? Movies? Academics? What the hell is wrong with my gender?

    You may think you’ll make it out alive, as the tween girls grow out of their gaming phase, but I pity the women of today. They’re missin’ out. Luckily I’m the only one with my head straight. Not quite rid of all of us yet! Bwahahahaha.

  2. Jeff Green is a genius.
    What? Wait…aren’t you supposed to hve ‘matured’ out of this stuff by now? Gaming is the last male stronghold! We’re going to lose it to the women! AND THEN THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT!


  3. Okay, I’ll make a deal with you…
    I won’t take over. And I will make sure that no others are a part of this world. All I need is you, and a giant laser beam. *twiddles fingers*

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