Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Everyone else is doing it)

According to an article posted on LiveScience, the world’s overall happiness quotient has risen significantly over the past few years.
“The upbeat outlook is attributed to economic growth in previously poor countries, democratization of others, and rising social tolerance for women and minority groups.”

Most anthropologists and sociologists have long believed that the world’s general level of happiness stays constant over time. This recent study is both surprising and comforting. It looks like we really can look forward to a brighter future.

Life Instructions

“It requires some effort to achieve a happy outlook on life, and most people don’t make it.”
Author and researcher Gregg Easterbrook

Basic advice proven to work (by scientists and religion alike, no less) include: “Make lists of things for which you’re grateful in your life, practice random acts of kindness, forgive your enemies, notice life’s small pleasures, take care of your health, practice positive thinking, and invest time and energy into friendships and family.” (source)

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  1. I like the instructions…
    I do have a question though. What if hurting people makes you happy? OMG I MADE A PARADOX??

    Happy Bday my friend!

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