Mercenaries 2

E3 2008 starts next week, this is a preview of one of the games that will undoubtedly be showcased.
Mercenaries was a great sandbox-style third person shooter released a few years back. It set your character (one of three possible choices) in the middle of a North Korean/UN/Chinese/South Korean conflict, playing each side in pursuit of money and reputation. I greatly enjoyed Mercenaries, which in my opinion offered more open ended fun than the GTA series (though I haven’t tried GTA4 yet).

Mercenaries 2 will be showcased at E3 2008, offering up the same three lovable, money grubbing warmongers, this time scorching earth in South America.

(the video may take awhile to load, my apologies, try refreshing the page if it wont load any video)

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  1. OMFG boarding in this game looks so much more interesting than boarding a tank in haloin Halo! – i mean, I’d love to crush a brute’s head inside a car door!

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