All those pictures!

Anyone ever wonder where I get all the awesome pictures for this blog? Sure you do! 
Formerly known as PicLens, Cooliris is the system responsible. Using the plugin (in FireFox 3.0, in my case) I can search image sites like Google or Flickr using an endless 3D wall. You can zoom in or out and fly at high speeds along the length of the wall allowing you to view an enormous amount of content very quickly. Compared to the built-in image search features on most websites, such as Google’s simple page-by-page layout, Cooliris not only increases my productivity many times over, it also looks really cool.

If you haven’t switched over to Google Chrome like I have, and you are still using FireFox 3.0, Internet Explorer 7, or Safari 3.1, I recommend downloading it and trying it out. Visit the site link above and watch the guided tour for more information. 

Hopefully Cooliris will release a Chrome version. Chrome is built upon code borrowed from Safari and FireFox, so I don’t think the conversion should be too much work. 

Hope everyone had a great previous couple of weeks, I sure did!

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  1. Oh i bet you had a good week… anyway, this looked pretty cool when you showed it to me in your room (which is what she said) and I’ll definitely have to check it out some time

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