Gamers and Medical Research

Recently, GPUs (Graphics processing units) have garnered much media attention attention for their newly-tapped ability to process massively parallel data faster than than CPU (central processing unit, your processor). In fact, GPUs are so suited to parellel processing on a massive scale, they are edging in on super computers as a superior way to run scientific modeling simulations. (source)
Already, groups like SETI and Folding@Home have begun harnessing GPUs in the search for aliens and proteins, respectively. Now pathologists and epidemoligists have jumped onto the bandwagon, using GPUs to simulate the introduction of pathogens into complex (human) immune systems as well as the spread of those pathogens in society as a whole. 

In other words, every gaming PC just became a medical modeling super computer. Should this newfound power be used for good or for evil? Tell me below!

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  1. This is so cool!! i just got finished reading the 50+ page on gene sequencing and the first publication of the Human genome (available at you local library!) and basically the only limit to sequencing genes, proteins, etc. is the sheer processing power of the base pair readers (the machines read each bp which is florescently tagged a different color to determine the sequence) So far, sequencing proteins can tell if an individual is prone to certain kinds of diseases so the best preventative steps can be chosen for said individual. This “optimized lifestyle plan” could potentially lead to the best cure – Prevention! sorry. rant. i apologize

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